You’re doing . . . what?

It’s been a few weeks since my first ballet class, and I’m already hooked.  I’d take class everyday if I could.  I’m already trying to drag friends and family to a class (no luck yet).  And, of course, I’ve made several ballet-related purchases (shopping for class is another post altogether!)

So, ballet tends to come up in casual conversation, especially  anyone asks “So, what’s new?”  And the responses to my enthusiastic “I’m taking ballet!” have been pretty consistent.

“You’re doing . . . what?”

“Oh.  Why?”

“You mean a fitness class at the gym?”

. . . and my personal favorite:

“I saw Black Swan . . . is it like that?”

I suppose it could be considered a little strange that a 30-year-old self described awkward woman decides one day to take up ballet.  But it’s not THAT far of a stretch.  My degree is in theatre.  I’ve always performed, whether it was singing, acting, or horseback riding.  I’ve danced in musicals and shows.  And I love watching dance.

Don’t get me wrong, everyone’s been very supportive, after they get over the initial “Huh?” moment.  But it got me thinking about the reasons I finally took the plunge, and why I love it so much.  A short list of why ballet class is for me:

  • Grace.  I’ve been described as graceful about as often as a newborn baby giraffe.  A beautiful ballerina is about as graceful as you can get.  Who doesn’t want a little more grace in their life?
  • Discipline.  I am a perfectionist.  I like hard work and structure.  It’s hard to beat classical ballet for structure and discipline.
  • Athleticism.  Over the past year, I’ve rekindled my love to fitness.  I like working out, and the changes I can make in my body.  But going to the gym for weights and cardio was getting a bit static.  Ballet is just as much of a workout, but keeps me more focused.
  • Art.  I’ve been out of the theatre for a few years now.  I love my job, but there isn’t any art to it.  I miss the creative side.  I miss making things.  Ballet allows me to outlet some of that energy, even if what I’m making is just a simple barre combination.
  • Meditation.  Maybe it’s the classical music, or the repetition.  Maybe it’s even the atmosphere of the studio.  But there is something distinctly relaxing about ballet.  I feel calmer and energized at the same time when I leave class.  It’s a mental exercise as much as a physical one.

Every class gives me  new list of reasons why.  I’m officially hooked.  Here’s to a long life together – me and ballet.

Screenshot (5)(True story . . . Photo via internet)


3 thoughts on “You’re doing . . . what?

  1. Haha my friends always laugh at me for taking up ballet again out of nowhere!
    Beginning ballet or getting back to ballet is awesome! I wish you so much pleasure in this journey into the beautiful world of baaaaaallleeeeeet 😀

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