I Hate Frappes.

There.  I said it.  And it bears repeating:  I hate frappes.

I don’t understand them.  I look like a floundering idiot trying to do them.  I either forget to point my toes at all, or I point them instead of flexing and slam my big toe into the ground.  Blah!

Aside from the small amount of frappe-hatred, I really enjoyed class last night.  I can actually see tiny little miniscule improvements in myself.  I think my arms are better – they feel more supported and natural and not so floppy.  I still forget about the arms completely when we are doing faster tempo exercises . . . I glance around the room and everyone’s arms are in fifth, and I’m in second.  My brain says “Arms!  Get where you need to be,” the arms flail about nervously, and by the time every part of my body agrees, it’s time to switch and I’m behind again.  *sigh*

BUT.  I saw a neat trick to combat this from one of the ladies in class.  We were at the barre doing really quick degage exercises, and my arms were expectedly behind the music and feet.  Because I was attempting to make my arms follow my feet.  But this Lovely Lady had her feet moving perfectly in tempo, and her arms were just floating slowly into place a couple of beats behind.  When we went from degage front to degage a la second, her arms got there by the second degage.  And it was lovely!  Lesson to commit to memory:  Grace and fluidity count more than quickness.

Another excellent discovery: I have something in common with Gorgeous Ballet Girl (Remember her??  Still gorgeous)!  We were doing pique turn across the floor (Full disclosure: SHE was doing pique turns across the floor – like 8 of them.  I was doing two pique preps, and a single pique turn.  I’m new, okay?).  After a stunning (again – her, not so much me) pass to the right, when we finished she says to me, “Whew!  I’m dizzy.  I think I just THINK I spot, but I’m really faking it.”

What WHAT??

But that’s EXACTLY how I feel – I’ve always thought I totally fake spotting.  I can whip my head around quickly like I’m supposed to, but my eyes don’t really focus on anything.  I get dizzy really easily with turns.   It’s one of the things I’m committed to practicing and improving.  So.   It’s nice to have something in common with the girl I see in class as the one to emulate . . . even if it IS a negative thing.  C’est la vie.

What will I learn next week??

7 thoughts on “I Hate Frappes.

  1. Grrrr how I recognize this….. My teacher always makes me do them slower than the rest of my group because – let’s just face it – I suck at them.

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