Kitty Nap Time



You already know I love tea.  What is a cup of tea without a lovely book to lose yourself in while you drink it?  Mr. Lewis and I agree on this.

And I don’t know how it works in your house, but around here, books equal kitty nap time.  When Dagny sees Mama with a book in one hand and a large tea mug in the other, she comes running and settles in.  Long story short – I’ve been devouring a new book, and Dagny appreciates the quality time.  I see a book review in our blogging future!


4 thoughts on “Kitty Nap Time

  1. Haha my cat does this as well! Especially when it gets colder outside and the fluffy blanket is used on the couch again, he comes flying whenever he sees me moves towards the couch with a nice book and cup of tea in my hands! 🙂

  2. Ours vie for a position on my hubbie’s lap when he sits down to enjoy a DVD……they are quite clever, and know when they can get some quality nap time! Lovely entry. Really enjoy your blog.

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