Good Days, Bad Days

I can definitely tell I missed class last week,  Even plies and tendus at the barre were a struggle . . . I couldn’t remember simple combinations, and every time I glanced in the mirror all I saw was floppy arms.  =(

We all have good days and bad days, especially when learning something new.  Class this week was just a bad day.

So.  Moving on,  I have decided to focus on the good in the bad day (oh, and it was BAD).

  • Good thing #1:  Wore my new leotard!  And in celebration of said new leotard, which has a pretty printed back that clashes with my ballet skirt, I decided to take my first class ever sans skirt/shorts/butt cover.  It was liberating! (And also a little gross . . . noticed some very cottage-cheesy thigh areas in forward port de bras stretches.  Ick.)  Honestly, I worried about how I looked for about 5 minutes, then I just got over it.  Bravery, bitches. =)
  • Good thing #2: We did a new frappe combination and – brace yourself – I didn’t hate it.  I just disliked it immensely.  But, progress, right??
  • Good thing #3:  Ended class on a good note.  I really liked the last combination across the floor.  Balance right, balance left, quick quick little run (this was the very technical term Madame used, so I can use it too!), grande jete, grande jete, and a final step I can’t remember the name of . . . fun!  Of course I did not look particularly graceful or refined in the combo, but I did it.  Both directions! (yay, Left Leg!)
  • Good thing #4:  Second time through the above combo, the music crazily decided to crank it up double time.  I was prepared to go, thinking to myself, “Oh, she’ll totally start this over and not expect us to do this combo double time.  Any second now.  Now, please. NOW.”

She did not.  So we just did the combo double time.  And it wasn’t horrible!

Afterward, Madame said it is important to remain calm in life, especially when the music goes all double-timey on you.  Cause later in life, when you are a doctor, and the anesthesiologist says “Okay, now surgery double time!” you don’t freak out and kill your patient.

Well, reading that back, I realize this isn’t EAXCTLY what she said.  But I think the lesson is valid regardless.

  • Good thing #5:  I can make up the class I missed last week!  The studio has a make-up policy that says you can’t do a make-up at a higher level than you are taking.  Since the adult beginner class is the lowest level, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to do another class (or worse, that I’d have to do my make-up in a class of 7-year-olds who have better flexibility and extension than me!)  But Madame said come to the Monday or Wednesday adult class.  (Side note: This may actually turn into a Bad Thing – the Monday/Wednesday adult class is Intermediate/Advanced.  Hmmm.)

So, out with bad.  Focus on the positive.  A good lesson, I think.  And don’t miss a week of ballet, because you’ll look like even more of a fool than usual!

Screenshot (8)

(Obviously not my feet.  The Internet’s feet.)


5 thoughts on “Good Days, Bad Days

  1. This made me laugh because I can TOTALLY relate (I had to take a two week break a while ago). You’re right, focusing on the positive is so important for getting back into the right swing of things. On the bright side, things can only get better 🙂

  2. I like your finding the positives. For me, the tiniest of gains here and there is all I have! Must highlight it!

    Aside from that, I was certain you must have been seeing me in the mirror, and not yourself! 😉

  3. Wow, I miss dancing. I almost always ended class on a good note, because I love doing combinations from corner to corner, and I was pretty good at them. I know what that feels like 🙂

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