Support System Built Right In

I know we all get some strange looks when the words “ballet class” come out of our 30-something mouths . . . but it’s nice when someone just goes right along with it.  For me, that someone is my husband.

When I told him I was taking ballet classes, he didn’t ask how much, or ask why, or give me strange looks.  He just said, “Ok. Have fun.”

After my first class, I came home excited and dancing around the house and speaking in French terms he didn’t understand.  And he didn’t ask me to move so he could see the TV, or tell me to get my sweaty smelly ass in the shower.  He said, “Ok.  When do I get to come see you dance?”

Love. =)

I hope everyone is this lucky – to have someone to come home to that just supports and loves and lets you be who you are.


2 thoughts on “Support System Built Right In

  1. This is wonderful! My BF is really nice when it comes to my obsession with ballet.. He even bought me a book about the history of ballet and a cd with 50 best known tracks from all kinds of different ballets!!
    He never asks why/how/what/when but just supports my hobby because he sees how much I enjoy it. That’s love right there! We are really lucky 😉

  2. Aww, he sounds wonderful! My boyfriend comes to meet me from every class so I don’t have to walk back through the big bad city by myself, and asks plenty of questions about how it’s gone. A good support system really helps! 🙂

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