Horse Whisperer

Got called a “horse whisperer” tonight, along with my husband.

My hubby trains horses for a living, and he’s been called an HW before.  He tends not to like the term, but what can you do when you’re excellent with animals and Robert Redford made such a popular movie??

So here’s what happened.  In the area we live, there are several people with horses.  Not all of them are what I would call Horse People – meaning they train, or ride regularly, or grew up around horses, or generally have a lot of knowledge about these very large sensitive beasts.  Many of them just have a lot of land and thought a couple of horses would be easier than mowing.  Anyway, Mr. KitTeaCat is generally well know ’round these here parts as the guy to call when you’ve got a problem with a horse.  We get called for lameness, illness, and even once because a horse had a wire around its tail.

Tonight, it was loose horses.  Three of them, running free after someone didn’t latch a door tightly enough.  Happens to the best of us.

So these 3 free horses ran around joyously, attracting the attention of several neighbors and the local police (oops!).  They made their way to my Mama’s barn, where our horses are stalled.  All of our horses were in the barn, so we were able to herd the Neighbor Ponies into one of our fields.  The neighbors/owners haltered 2 of the 3 and could NOT get the third to submit.  I think she was just having too much fun, personally.

Enter Mr. KitTeaCat and myself.  After a few minutes (full disclosure: and a scoop of grain!), she was safely on her way back home.  And one neighbor who hung back referred to us as Horse Whisperers, and saved our number in her phone as such for future reference.

All in all, the situation could have been much worse.  I know a veterinarian that always told me a horse could injure himself locked alone in completely padded room, so just imagine what could happen to 3 running free for an hour.

Horse whisperer.  Could have been called much worse on a November Saturday night.  😇


One thought on “Horse Whisperer

  1. Haha yes I presume you’ve had worse nights! It’s always nice when you’re able to lend a helping hand, especially when you can show off your ‘expertise’ 😉 Some people just have that special thing with horses, I can’t quite grasp it!

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