Best Day Ever!

I was just reading All-round Girl’s post about winning a contest, and I’m pretty sure her good fortune is contagious . . . because I won something too!!  (Although she won on the merits of her excellent photo, and mine was just palin dumb luck!)

I enter to win giveaways as much as the next girl, and NEVER win.  Until today.  Because I will soon be the owner of a Modern Classic 1.0!

I first heard about this product from posts by The Classical Girl and Adult Beginner.  Basically, it’s a top, tunic, and dress all in one that be used for ballet class, yoga, just plain chillin’, and even a night on the town.  It’s made by gwenyth, and they are working on a 2.0 release.  To get some feedback, they are giving a way one week this month from their Facebook page.

Long story short, this girl entered and won and is SUPER EXCITED!  What a great Tuesday!

So thanks to gwenyth for the giveaway. And maybe you should all go buy a lottery ticket, because all this winning is contagious!


7 thoughts on “Best Day Ever!

  1. Woo hoo! Stop by The Classical Girl once you’ve got it and let me know how you like yours! You’re right – it’s a fun top for just chill in, and dressing up with a nice scarf for a night out. Not sure which facet of the top I like the most, in fact!

    Congrats on your win, and Iooking forward to checking out more on your blog!

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