Ballet Etiquette

So there was a new girl in class tonight.  Well, she was new to me, but she’s been to the studio before and she’s obviously done some dancing. Not important to the story.

Anyway. We did barre and center, and started combinations across the floor.  And I noticed she was doing the steps in the background while the other groups were going.  Not subtly marking a step or two, or moving in time with the music . . . actually doing the steps.  This struck me as incredibly rude.

Maybe it’s leftover from my theatre days. At auditions, it was understood that you get a certain amount of time to learn the combo, then you can watch others perform, but you most certainly Do Not do the steps in the background.  Because it’s distracting.

What do you think? Rude, or okay?


7 thoughts on “Ballet Etiquette

  1. Hmmm maybe it’s her way of confirming she knows the steps, but I think it’s not really okay. We can mark the steps when others are doing them but we can never dance ‘in full’ in the background..

  2. Hm, we’re quite informal and we’d do that at our studio. We don’t always break into two groups, but if we do, there are often people who go with both. Sometimes you’ll stand at the back and go through them with the first ones and join the main group for the second lot if you’re a bit hesitant, or if you’ve had a few corrections you might go again and try and get it right the second time.

    • That’s interesting. I’ve never been in a class situation like that . . . sounds like a nice opportunity to get in extra time across the floor! 😃 Maybe I’m being too picky.

      • I think it’s because I’ve only ever been to this one studio, so I’ve never seen anywhere else’s etiquette. But yep, it’s a great chance to have another go if necessary!

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