OMG So Pretty!

Got my Modern Classic!  And even the packaging is pretty!


And a hand-written note.  Nice touch!


I expected to get the black one, since it’s the most basic – and hey, it was free!.  Imagine my excitement when I opened the box to this beautiful Barre Blue!  The photos really don’t do the color justice.


Sadly, the Modern Classic did not come in time for ballet class.  So I wore it to work yesterday.  I just HAD to wear it!  I neglected to take photos (silly, I know).  But I wore it with jeans, pulled down to around hip length with a black blazer over it.  And it was so comfy, I wore it to the gym for my workout too!  So, yes, it really is versatile!!

I plan on trying it for ballet and yoga, but here’s what I like so far:

  • The fabric.  It is one of the most comfortable things I’ve ever put on.  It moves with you so you don’t really realize you’re wearing it.  And at the gym, it didn’t get heavy or sticky when I started to sweat.
  • The drawstring sides not only make it adjustable, but create some really flattering ruching.  For us adult ballerinas with a little padding round the middle. 😉
  • Versatility.  I love that you can customize the length.  It’s like having 3 tops in one!

But there is a downside:

  • The built-in bra.  There’s very little support, especially for a large chest.  I wore a bra under it both times (standard underwire for work, sports bra for the gym).  I tried it on without one, and it just looks awkward.  However, on a small chest, I think it could work.  Sadly, for me, I can’t really imagine wearing it out of the house with no extra support.  Defiantly wouldn’t hold up to leaps in ballet class!

That’s all for now . . . I hope to wear it a few more times and see what happens.  And now I’m really excited to see what gwenyth comes up with next for these of their active line!


4 thoughts on “OMG So Pretty!

  1. It looks gorgeous! I would love to see how it looks on a person because I can’t really imagine how it might look when someone has it on!
    But versatility is always good!

  2. How lovely! 🙂

    Does wearing a bra under the built-in bra feel weird? Most of the leotards I can find seem to have built-in support and I’m definitely not up to going without a bra, so was wondering how that would work!

    • Not really weird, but it can be a bit bulky depending on how thick the built-in is. In the Modern Classic, I didn’t really notice too much bulk. And it’s definitely better than the feeling of no support! 😉

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