Best Compliment Ever

I’ve noticed that Madame has started giving me individual corrections.  In my first few classes, she gave a lot of general corrections to the class.  I always try to take ANY correction given, even if it’s directed at another dancer.  I think she was feeling out the situation, just in case I was the type to break down in tears when she told me to point my foot.

And I LOVE the corrections!  Especially when I correct myself, and Madame gives the elusive “Good” or “Much better.”  I feel so much more improved after class when I’ve gotten a specific correction or two.

In addition, I got the best compliment last week that Madame could have ever given.  Class was over, and I was walking out the door of the studio.  There’s a desk and computer set up right by the door, and Madame is usually there after our class getting ready to close up.  Since it’s Nutcracker season, Mr. Director (the studio owner and artistic director) was there as well.  I said goodnight and thanks.

And Madame said to Mr. Director, “Watch out for this one.  She’s a hard worker.”

Best. Compliment. Ever.

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