Worst One in Class

There’s no question that I am the worst one in ballet class.  Everyone in the class has had previous ballet training, and several have danced in other genres too.  I have no such training – unless you count being cast as a dancer in high school plays because you’re the same height and build as all the other dancers. 

It makes sense.  I SHOULD be behind the other dancers.

This would have bothered me a few years ago.  When I was in grade school, I had to best the best in class.  Classic over-achiever.  I cried when I got a B.  Later, in college, I changed my outlook a little.  When classes were actually a bit tough for me, I liked to be the second-best in class.  I still wanted that A, but I also wanted one student to be a little smarter and a little better than me.  Because I noticed something.

When you are top of the class, you get simultaneously praised and ignored.  The other students figure out that it’s easier to approach you with questions instead of the teacher.  And the teacher figures you’ll get it on your own, so it’s safe to spend time with the students who struggle with the material.  But who do YOU go to with questions?  Who helps YOU study?  No one, if you’re the number one student.  So I learned to find the one guy (at least!) in class smarter than me.

Ballet class is a bit different, of course.  But I don’t think bottom of the class is a bad place to be.  When I look around at the other dancers, I realize there is something to learn from each of them.  They’re all so unique in their abilities.  And, there’s no where to go but up when you’re at the bottom!


4 thoughts on “Worst One in Class

  1. I love your outlook on this thing! But I do think you’re cutting yourself a bit short here. You are great in your own way, you may get what others don’t even though they had previous training. But I agree with what you said, start at the bottom and the only way is up!

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