A Natural Reaction to Mother Nature

My little corner of the world was the recipient of several crazy storms yesterday, including a couple of tornados that did some pretty hefty damage.  There weren’t any casualties that I know of, but some people did get hurt.  All in all, the area was very lucky – in 2010 a (much stronger) tornado came through the same area and killed 33 people. 

The major losses this time around were power lines, trees, several bits of siding off my back porch, a gas station, and a drive-in movie theatre.  And 3 ticked off cats at my house who did not appreciate being banished to the basement as a precaution.

Power was out for thousands, and still is for certain areas.  And when my power came back on, my first instinct was to turn on every light in the house.  As if to say, “Take that Mother Nature!  We have lights!”

In all seriousness, I hope everyone has a plan for when Mother Nature does some stupid crap like this.  Have flashlights and candles and escape plans and first aid kits.  And remember your four-legged family members.  They count on you to protect them too.


4 thoughts on “A Natural Reaction to Mother Nature

  1. Wowww storms, tornadoes.. sounds heavy! We never have such severe storms here in The Netherlands but still I am always packed for emergencies!! I have flashlights, candles, canned food and first aid kits around the house! We don’t have a basement but I always feel like our houses are pretty strong because they are made solely from bricks, no wood.

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