Ballet, Ballet Everywhere! (But Get It Right, Please.)

I saw a bit in a fashion magazine about the “newest hair trend – the Ballerina Top Knot.”

Ballet seems to be everywhere these days.  In advertisements, television shows, fitness crazes, and – apparently – fashion magazines.  And it’s awesome – more people taking a look at this beautiful art and understanding its rewards and challenges is great.  But this particular article made me really upset.

The “Ballerina Top Knot,” as you may have guessed, is a bun.  Plain and simple.  We wear ’em every class.  SImple bun.  BUT the girls in the fashion photos had the messiest, sloppiest, hair-falling-all-over-the-place-est buns I’ve ever seen.  Grrrr.

Maybe I’m being picky (been accused of that before, I’m afraid!).  But ballet to me is all about the details.  Yes, class is class, and we’ve all been a bit sloppy in class.  But there is a standard.  Ballerinas are perfect, ethereal creatures with impeccable tastes and every hair in place.  They are NOT walking down the street with a sloppy “top knot.”

Okay, even as I write this I know I’m verging on ridiculous.  But the flawless dream ballerina of my girlhood lives on in this 30-year-old adult beginner.  And when I see ballet all around me, I want it to be right.  Pink tights, black leotard, pointe shoes, smooth bun.  It’s what I aspire to be.

Screenshot (1)  YAY! (Courtesy of the internet ballerina who pays attention to details)

Screenshot (2) BOO! (Courtesy of an internet ballerina wannabe who forgot her ballet shoes in class)


2 thoughts on “Ballet, Ballet Everywhere! (But Get It Right, Please.)

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