A Very Ballet Christmas

I hope everyone’s Christmas was wonderful!

It was a ballet themed Christmas for me . . . and a girl couldn’t have asked for more!

image (4) (Wrapped by my lovely sister…)

image (3) (…in ballet pink!)

Among the incredibly generous haul is:

  • 3 new leotards
  • a purple wrap skirt
  • a pair of back-seam tights
  • 2 Ballet DVDs for home practice (Finis Jhung . . .  has anyone done his videos before?)
  • Barre bars (all 3 flavors!)
  • Yoga blocks for stretching
  • a pretty pink wrap sweater
  • a theraband
  • Ballet books!
  • leg warmers in the size exactly between my two current pairs =)


  • a portable ballet barre! (in a different box, of course!)

Photos to follow when everything is put into use.  Really, I am so fortunate to have my wonderful family who supports my endeavors – even my crazy ones, like taking up ballet at 30!

It’s the Most Stressful Time of the Year

Earlier this year – May 11 at 4:05am, to be exact – my husband and I welcomed our first baby into the world.

And anyone who knows us knows that this baby was NOT of the human sort.  We much prefer 4-legged children.

Screenshot (5)  (photo by Kathleen Clayton)

This is Gigi, the first filly out of our first show horse.  Earlier this month, she turned 6 months old.  For those of you who are horsey people, I’m sure you know where this is going.

Yup, we have found ourselves in the Weaning Season (gasp!).

For those of you who are NOT horse crazy, weaning a foal is the time when it is separated from its mother.  Like the debates over vaccines and breast feeding in the human world, every horse person seems to have the RIGHT way and time to wean.  I think you’ve got to do what’s best for each horse while still working with what you have available.  For us, and for Gigi, that time is now.

She’s not enthused about her new, lonely and smaller stall.  Her mother seems pretty thrilled to have no one to steal her hay.  And the barn cats are confused that everyone has switched stalls.  But overall, all involved parties seem to be handling the rite of pony passage quite well.  Except perhaps MY mother.  I think she’s more stressed than the horses. 😊

You’ll be hearing more about this little lady.

Ballet Bad Ass

It’s official.  I am now a real dancer.  I have had my first ballet-related injury.

No, it’s not my foot or ankle, not my knees or even my thumb (which both my husband and sister guessed).  This evening in class, I injured . . . my forehead.

Just a little cut right by my hairline, but it did start leaking blood while we were going across the floor.  Madame pointed it out (since I had no idea – in the dancing zone, you know!), I wiped it up, slapped a Band-Aid on, and finished class.  I have no idea what I did.  All I know is I am a Ballet Bad Ass!

My sister is telling everyone I was in a barre fight.  😁

Class class class!

The blizzard raging out my window has forced reminded me to write an update about recent ballet classes.

Class 1:  My regular class was cancelled for Thanksgiving (no dedication to the art, I say!), so I did a make-up class that week.  However, the only make-up class available is the adult intermediate/advanced class.  As I am barely a beginner, I was a bit nervous – but it was actually wonderful!  There were only 4 of us, so there was a lot of individual attention.  It was kind of nice to see some more complicated combinations at the barre, even when I clearly couldn’t follow them.  I can see the through-line of the steps.  And it’s so inspiring to see the other women in class dancing so beautifully.

Class 2:  After over a week off, the first regular beginner class after the holiday was not great.  I felt sluggish and clumsy.  My feet were ignoring me, and my balance was lousy.  I just had a bad class.  It was the first time I left the studio cranky.  But I decided to let it go as a bad day, and concentrate on the next class.  Which was . . .

Class 3: . . . awesome!  The class was PACKED!  I think there were 15 of us, and the usual class is 7 or 8.  Although that meant less time across the floor, we did some different combos to accommodate the larger groups.  And I feel like I got everything, for the first time.  I wasn’t great, but I was doing it.  AND on the correct leg!  I just had fun.

Next week is my last class of the year.  Not looking forward to two weeks off ballet, but I’ll survive.  And I have it on good authority that I’ve got some new leotards and a couple ballet DVDs coming under the tree to keep me occupied. 😉

I’m sorry. (Except I’m not.)

I’m sorry.

Have more empty, meaningless words ever been spoken?  When was the last time someone said “I’m sorry” to you, and you actually believed it?

Remember when you were a kid and you got in a fight with your sister or brother or cousin or classmate?  No matter the argument or what had transpired, part of the punishment was always for both parties to say they were sorry.  And yes, it was a form of punishment – because you were NOT sorry.  I wasn’t sorry when my mama made me apologize to my sister for bopping her over the head with my Fisher Price microphone.  She took my microphone!  A head bop seemed to be in order. (And she’s never tried to take a microphone from me since! 😉)

So why do we say it?  I guess it’s the polite thing to do.  It’s an acknowledgement of how we may have injured another person’s feelings, even though we think the other person’s feelings are total crap.  Somewhere in the Big Book of Etiquette, apologies are mandated anyway.

But I think a much better answer is to simply change your behavior.  If you are truly sorry, don’t hit your kid sister over the head. Real apologies are in the form of action, not words.