A Very Ballet Christmas

I hope everyone’s Christmas was wonderful!

It was a ballet themed Christmas for me . . . and a girl couldn’t have asked for more!

image (4) (Wrapped by my lovely sister…)

image (3) (…in ballet pink!)

Among the incredibly generous haul is:

  • 3 new leotards
  • a purple wrap skirt
  • a pair of back-seam tights
  • 2 Ballet DVDs for home practice (Finis Jhung . . .  has anyone done his videos before?)
  • Barre bars (all 3 flavors!)
  • Yoga blocks for stretching
  • a pretty pink wrap sweater
  • a theraband
  • Ballet books!
  • leg warmers in the size exactly between my two current pairs =)


  • a portable ballet barre! (in a different box, of course!)

Photos to follow when everything is put into use.  Really, I am so fortunate to have my wonderful family who supports my endeavors – even my crazy ones, like taking up ballet at 30!


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