Call Me Old-Fashioned . . .

I was reading some New Year’s posts, and one over at Knit Two Pointe Two Bake Two made me think.  The number I gravitated toward was the “books read.”  (Side note:  Girl, you read 221 books this year and said there’s room for improvement!?  That’s almost a book every other day!) I’ve been meaning to keep track of my reading endeavors for several years now, and just never seem to do it.

Until now.  This is the year.  2014: The Year of Books.

And my book reading adventures will be chronicled . . . not here.  In an actual, leather bound, real paper journal.

I love blogging.  But I also love writing,  HAND writing with a pen and paper.  My husband’s grandmother always gets me a beautiful journal for Christmas, and this year’s is a lovely red one.  I cannot leave the pretty young thing empty and sad.  In it I will keep track of my books read for the year, and some thoughts on said books.  First entry: Re-reading my way through the Harry Potter novels.  Because they’re awesome.

So call me old-fashioned, but I need to keep some of my writing out of the technological sphere.  It may be a new year, but I’m getting back to my roots – wrist cramps and all!


7 thoughts on “Call Me Old-Fashioned . . .

    • Me too! Ever see one of those “50 books to read before you die” lists? All I can ever think is that my list is at least ten times as long!
      Thanks for stopping by my blog 😊

  1. Haha I can relate to the need to actually write, you know, pen to paper! And good luck on those Harry Potter books! I only read the first one because it was mandatory in my study but I rather enjoyed it! Oh and btw 221 books.. sick!

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