Snowed In

Haven’t left the house since Sunday morning.  Dogs refuse to go outside and insist on being covered with blankets.  Kitties fight over lap snuggle space.

Well, technically it isn’t snowing any longer.  But has been deemed illegal to drive due to the conditions.  We’ve gotten 22 inches of snow in 5 days. The temperature is currently -9 F, with a wind chill of -35 F.  Schools are closed.  Businesses are closed.  The low temps have broken records.

Hope everyone else is nice and warm.  I will be spending the day cooped up with my pups and kits in with some fluffy blankets.

WIN_20140107_110716 (Maddox – wearing a sweater and wrapped up in not one, but two blankets.  She’s not very upset that Mama has to stay home 😉 )


2 thoughts on “Snowed In

  1. OMG what a photo! So so sweet. That is very, very cold. The only time I’ve been in that sort of cold was at Whistler ski resort in Canada during a cold snap. We had to wear our ski suits over our regular clothes just to walk around the village! It was -80 F on the mountain, so was closed down for a few days.

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