Winter sucks. And a wedding.

Damn you, snow!!

Because of this freezing atrocity, I missed ballet.  Again.  I have now been sans ballet for 4 agonizing weeks (2 due to holidays, 1 due to a weather induced loss of electricity, and 1 for dangerous snowy roads).  Really, it’s getting quite ridiculous and I am beginning to fear when I finally do make it back into the studio, I will have lost any progress I’ve made.

I have always hated winter.  I hate cold and I hate snow.  Today, for instance, it did not actually snow.  However, the wind gusts were so strong that the roads were covered, despite the efforts of the plows.  Drifts sending cars off the roads and blocking my driveway.  Makes a girl seriously consider hibernation.

In addition, I went to a wedding last night.  I don’t know if any of you have attended a winter wedding (I certainly hadn’t).  If not, be assured that it is DAMN COLD.  Walking into the church was treacherous (heels + icy sidewalks = Hell).   Of course, it was fun once we got into the reception.  I got my fill of dancing, even if it wasn’t of the classical variety.

And, ever true to my ballet love, I stashed a pair of leg warmers in my bag for the ride home.



One thought on “Winter sucks. And a wedding.

  1. Ahwww so sorry that you haven’t been able to go to class for 4 weeks in a row!! I can imagine how frustrated you must be… Don’t worry, be happy. Ballet will come again and progress will happen too! (Maybe you can do some home-ballet-thingy-exercises??)

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