I am a winter hater.  Cold depresses me.  Snow just makes me angry.  But I have been trying really hard this year to keep a lid on the seasonal complaints and keep a tolerant attitude.

However, my patience with the cold season is waning. 

The high temp today was 0. Zero. This is not a high!  Zero is, quite literally, nothing.  It was -12 when I drove to the barn to feed horses this morning.  Right now it is -4.  And don’t get me started on the wind chill.

I’m over it.  Springtime, please.


2 thoughts on “Brrrr.

  1. Me too!!!! It was freaking freezing in Berlin and that wasn’t a great thing to add to the experience. I think if it was +20 degrees out there I could have enjoyed it much more! Here’s to hoping spring will come.. SOON!

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