A Cure for the Common Headache

Ever have one of those headaches that hangs on all day?

That was me today.  I tried Aleve, soothing music, silence, taking a nap, drinking tea, and taking more Aleve.  No luck.  I just lay down on my bed after work and accepted that I would have a nagging pain in my head all night.  Then something magical happened.


My baby Loki jumped up and snuggled next to me, falling instantly asleep.  And before long, issuing from said kitty were the most adorable little kitten snores ever.  All breathy, soft, and comforting.  Almost purr-like.  And my headache started to disappear.

Kitten snores.  They cure headaches, apparently.  Bottle. It. Up.


I have loved this song for years, long before I started ballet. It is hauntingly melancholy, yet hopeful. Sutton Foster and Megan McGinnis are FLAWLESS, especially together. Their harmonies are painfully beautiful. (Side note: I was fortunate enough to see them together as Jo and Beth in Little Women on Broadway several years ago. In the front row. And I wept like a child. Why that show closed after only 5 months, I’ll never understand).

I was driving home from ballet this week, joyfully jamming to Sutton Foster’s Wish CD, and this song came on. And it hit me. This song perfectly describes how I feel about ballet.

I could give a line by line interpretation to say how the song makes me feel. But I don’t think it needs it. So there it is. Listen. If you like to read lyrics while you listen, here they are:


Let me run through a field in the night
Let me lift from the ground till my soul is in flight
Let me sway like the shade of a tree
Let me swirl like a cloud in a storm on the sea
Wish me on my way
Through the dawning day
I wanna flow, wanna rise, wanna spill
Wanna grow in a grove on the side of a hill
I don’t care if the train runs late
If the checks don’t clear
If the house blows down
I’ll be off where the weeds run wild
Where the seeds fall far from this earthbound town
And I’ll start to soar
Watch me rain till I pout out
I’ll catch a ship and it’ll sail me astray
Get caught in a wind I’ll just have to obey
I’m flying away
Let me leave behind
All the doubts in my mind
I wanna wake without wondering why
Finding myself in a burst for the sky
I’ll just roll
Let me lose all control now
I wanna float like a wish in a well
Free as the sound of the sea in a shell
I don’t know but maybe I’m just a fool
I should keep to the ground
I should stay where I’m at
Maybe everyone has hunger like this
And the hunger will pass
But I can’t think like that
All I know is somewhere in a clearing
There a glare of sunlight on a river long and wide
And I have such a river inside
Let me run through a field in the night
Let me lift from the ground till my soul is in flight
Let me sway like the shade of a tree
Let me swirl like a cloud in a storm on the sea
Wish me on my way
Through the dawning day
I wanna flow, wanna rise, wanna spill
Wanna grow in a grove on the side of a hill
Wanna shift like a wave rolling on
Wanna drift from the path I’ve been travelling upon
Before I am gone


“Flight.”  Written by Craig Carnelia.  Performed by Sutton Foster & Megan McGinnis.  Adored by KitTeaCat.


I am writing this post in bed, left foot propped up with ice pack (ok, actually a bag of frozen peas) on my ankle.  I had ballet class tonight, and the swelling is rearing its ugly puffiness, even though I was a good little girl and have been sticking to barre exercises only.

I am way over this bum ankle.

Since it’s still hurting and still swollen, several people have encouraged me to get an x-ray done.  I figure I would have known if something were broken – I am a notorious pain wimp, and I’m pretty sure I couldn’t have been walking on a partially broken foot for two weeks.  Nevertheless, I caved and did it yesterday.  All clear.  I just have a sprain.  Nothing to do but rest, ice, ibuprofen, and wait it out.

Unfortunately, patience is NOT a virtue of mine.

Actually, the worst part isn’t the pain, or the swelling, or the fact that I have a single unsightly cankle.  The worst part is the weakness.  I’m not speaking metaphorically – I don’t think I’m a weak person for getting hurt or anything like that.  I mean my ankle is literally WEAK.  My left leg is trembling halfway through barre.  I hate feeling like I’ve regressed in class.  And I’m not sure how to keep things even while the ankle heals.

I know eventually everything will heal, and things will get back to normal.  Maybe whining will hasten the process??

Creative Use of Couch

People who have never lived with a pit bull generally have misguided views about them.  No, I am not about to launch into a sermon about how misunderstood pits are, or the idiocy of judging an entire breed, or even a nature versus nurture rant. 

This about the fact that pit bulls are weirdos, and you just don’t realize it until you’ve got one or two in the house.

Seriously, my dogs are two of the weirdest animals ever.  Of course, you could make the argument that my husband and I just raised them that way.  (And honestly, our cats would be strong evidence to support that theory!)  But every pit I’ve ever met has certain characteristics that make me think it is just part of who they are.  They are tenacious, and loyal, and energetic . . . and weird.

My personal favorite of these weird qualities is the fact that when pit bulls lounge around, they have some of the strangest “relaxing” positions I’ve ever seen.  People say that cats are connoisseurs of comfort.  No matter where a cat chooses to bed down, it always looks inexplicably comfortable and cozy.  And I have reached the conclusion that pit bulls are the exact opposite.  Every time I see Maddox or Deacon napping, I want to sneakily adjust them.  Limbs bent at freakishly odd angles, head hanging off the bed, laying on their backs with legs straight in the air, even choosing and using specific pillows and blankets – you name it, I’ve seen it in my two.

There is a photo series on my phone of Deacon that I affectionately refer to as “Creative Use of Couch.”  He tends to find very interesting napping positions on furniture.  Today was no exception:


He chilled on that chair – in that position – for about an hour.  I love my little weirdo.

Post-Ankle Incident

Monday was my first ballet class post-ankle ouch.  Actually, it was my first time really doing anything on it other than walking.  I haven’t had much pain on it since a couple of days after I injured it, but the swelling has been crazy.  It’s gone down a bit, but mostly just moved around to other parts of my foot.  I have puffy toes.  Seriously.  Eww.

I had decided before class that doing any sort of jumping would be a bit too much.  But I just HAD to get back to class.  I miss it when I’m away.  There’s just something so relaxing and comforting about hearing the music and sinking into that first plié. 

So I planned to do barre only, and stop.  It felt really good to get that ankle working and stretched out.  I got tired pretty quickly though, so I can tell it’s weak.  A work in progress.

In related news, I have found myself watching Center Stage and old reruns of Breaking Pointe just to get my ballet fix on days without class.  And my collection of ballet books seems to be growing quickly as well.  It may be safe to say I’m developing an obsession!

Just call me Peach . . .

. . .  Because I bruise like one.

Perhaps I have forgotten to mention thus far how incredibly accident prone I am.  Not big accidents – more like tiny, bumping-into-furniture-that’s-been-in-the-same-place-for-years accidents.  More often than not, it just LOOKS like I’ve been in a big accident because of the resulting bruise.  I’ve learned to successfully accessorize with black and blue.

Today, I took a make-up ballet class.  And it was so much fun.  Near the end of class, we were doing this great combination across the floor.  Pique turn chaine chaine chaine tombe right glissade pas de chat, tombe left glissade assemble, tombe right glissade grand jete.  I recall thinking to myself, “This is fun!  And I’m doing pretty well!”

Until the second run through to the left.  “Landed” the assemble, heard left ankle say “Crack! Crack!” and found myself on the floor.  With a very swollen and bruised ankle.

*Sigh* And I’m certain that time through the combo would have been perfect. 😌

I would also like to mention how great the group of adults that take class at this studio are.  Two of then picked me up before I knew if I could walk (I could!), no one tried to run me over as I sat stunned in the middle of the floor (Thanks!), and one lady ran over immediately to the guy who was taking his first class and said “Don’t worry, this doesn’t happen every class!” (‘Cause we want him to come back!)

Even though it is throbbing as I type, the ankle will be fine.  And I’m hoping to be back in class on Thursday.  I see quite a bit of ice, Aleve, and elevation in my near future!