A Cure for the Common Headache

Ever have one of those headaches that hangs on all day?

That was me today.  I tried Aleve, soothing music, silence, taking a nap, drinking tea, and taking more Aleve.  No luck.  I just lay down on my bed after work and accepted that I would have a nagging pain in my head all night.  Then something magical happened.


My baby Loki jumped up and snuggled next to me, falling instantly asleep.  And before long, issuing from said kitty were the most adorable little kitten snores ever.  All breathy, soft, and comforting.  Almost purr-like.  And my headache started to disappear.

Kitten snores.  They cure headaches, apparently.  Bottle. It. Up.


3 thoughts on “A Cure for the Common Headache

  1. Haha it’s also proven that stroking, hugging or just being close to cats or dogs lowers your blood pressure and stress levels. So maybe that’s a reasonable explanation for your cure? 😉

    • I know! I also read bout a study where doctors took patients with broken limbs, ribs, etc. and put a purring lap cat in their hospital room as company. The patients with cats healed faster – their bones literally mended more quickly! They think it gas something to do with the frequency at which purrs register.
      Cats are awesome. So the next time you break your arm or have a headache, apply kitty. 😁

      • Hahah that won’t be very difficult since my cat is a heavy purrer and he is on my lap or somewhere near me whenever he gets the chance!

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