It’s snowing. Again.

It's snowing.  Again.

The view from my bedroom window. What is odd about this picture, you ask?

Well, there’s usually a driveway. And a ditch. And a road.


Just call me Peach . . .

. . .  Because I bruise like one.

Perhaps I have forgotten to mention thus far how incredibly accident prone I am.  Not big accidents – more like tiny, bumping-into-furniture-that’s-been-in-the-same-place-for-years accidents.  More often than not, it just LOOKS like I’ve been in a big accident because of the resulting bruise.  I’ve learned to successfully accessorize with black and blue.

Today, I took a make-up ballet class.  And it was so much fun.  Near the end of class, we were doing this great combination across the floor.  Pique turn chaine chaine chaine tombe right glissade pas de chat, tombe left glissade assemble, tombe right glissade grand jete.  I recall thinking to myself, “This is fun!  And I’m doing pretty well!”

Until the second run through to the left.  “Landed” the assemble, heard left ankle say “Crack! Crack!” and found myself on the floor.  With a very swollen and bruised ankle.

*Sigh* And I’m certain that time through the combo would have been perfect. 😌

I would also like to mention how great the group of adults that take class at this studio are.  Two of then picked me up before I knew if I could walk (I could!), no one tried to run me over as I sat stunned in the middle of the floor (Thanks!), and one lady ran over immediately to the guy who was taking his first class and said “Don’t worry, this doesn’t happen every class!” (‘Cause we want him to come back!)

Even though it is throbbing as I type, the ankle will be fine.  And I’m hoping to be back in class on Thursday.  I see quite a bit of ice, Aleve, and elevation in my near future!