Do It Anyway.

I have reached a sobering conclusion:  Monday’s class is too hard for me.

Seriously, sometimes Madame asks for a barre combination, and while the rest of the class settles in to do said combo, I’m staring blankly, only able to think “Huh?”  And sometimes EVERY combination and exercise feels that way.  But you know what?

I do it anyway.

Not well.  Not particularly gracefully, and certainly not perfectly.  But I do it.  Do it with floppy arms and poor turnout and half-pointed feet.  And it’s still a great class.  This what I love about ballet.  It’s about improvement and effort.  I’ve got effort to spare.  The improvement will come.

And dancing to classical versions of the Lion King and Little Mermaid soundtracks doesn’t suck either!

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