In Ankle News

I did my first FULL class since the ankle ouchy!  Complete with grand jetes! 

Both legs are still attached, and feel pretty damn good.  The ankle is still weaker than normal, so I won’t go crazy.  But it felt good to actually finish class.  Yay!

Image (Courtesy of internet pink panther lovers)

Unrelated side note:  I would absolutely LOVE to take class one day with a live accompanist, but for now I am enjoying Madame’s unique pre-recorded choices.  Tonight we did tendus to the Pink Panther theme!

6 thoughts on “In Ankle News

  1. We’ve been using cabaret soundtrack music. The other studio used married with children opening theme music in acoustic for an exercise. I’ve also done a song from wizard of oz and gilligan’s island. It’s good to be working again after an injury.

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