Would You Rather

Kristen over at Adult Ballerina Project started a fun little ballet themed questionnaire.  Hope you will play along too!  Here are my answers:

1. Would you rather be incredibly naturally flexible or have endless stamina?

I’ve been told that I am pretty flexible, but I’d still pick natural flexibility – it seems so much harder to work up to than stamina!

2. Would you rather take an early morning class (6am) or a late evening class (9pm)?

No doubt – I’d much prefer morning classes.  Most adult classes are offered late in the day, and I understand why.  But I am much more energetic in the mornings.

3. Would you rather do 32 changements or 32 fouettés?

Fouettes!  Actually, I’d be happy with a single fouette since I still can’t land a simple single pirouette consistently!  And thinking of 32 fouettes is making me dizzy . . .

4. Would you rather do a développé with proper technique or a higher développé suspecting your instructor doesn´t see you cheat?

Lower with proper technique, of course.  I can’t imagine anyone would cheat to get a little more height.   Ballet is an art and I’m happy to respect it with my well-below-90-degress legs!

5. Would you rather have beautifully arched feet or perfect legs?

I’m so used to my flat feet I wouldn’t know what to do with an arch!  But what are prefect legs??  My legs could definitely be more toned and strong, but they’re long and I wouldn’t trade that.  So maybe arches for a day, just to see what they’re like.


If you’d like to participate, you can still add your link to the Adult Ballet Project page.  Happy dancing!


3 thoughts on “Would You Rather

  1. I read one of these over on ABP’s blog. How fun! You’ve inspired me. I think I’ll translate the questions slightly and get BoyMowgli’s answers as well 🙂 Why not?

  2. Haha very nice! I quite agree with all of your answers, actually! I couldn’t do a fouette to save my life, so imagine doing 32 in a row!!

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