Right Meow


Perhaps this scenario is familiar to you fellow cat owners out here:

Picture this.  You are attempting to do some sort of activity.  But you can’t.  Because a kitty is demanding attention.  Right now.  Right meow.

Tonight, this is Dagny.

I tried cooking dinner – Dagny winding incessantly through my legs.  I tried sitting down to eat dinner – Dagny decides it is Mama lap time.  I tried to change clothes – Dagny has to nap on whatever articles of clothing I want to wear.  I sat down in bed to watch some TV – Dagny needs petting.  I checked the blog-o-sphere for new posts – Dagny wants to lay on my tablet.

So I give up.  Kitty cuddles it is.  You win, Dagny.

Oh, and did I mention she has stolen and devoured at least 3 potato chips??


One thought on “Right Meow

  1. Haha that sounds like a pretty demanding kitty!! My cat is always in dire need of attention but does seem to be able to leave me alone – mostly. However, he does interfere with my chores sometimes, wanting to go outside while my hands are covered in whatever I’m making/baking, Sitting in front of the tv while I’m trying to watch, walking over my exercise mat while I’m doing some exercises or sitting on my desk in front of my keyboard while I’m trying to typ. So yeah, veeeery recognisable! 😉

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