Great classes are Great!

(Duh, I know).

As I’m sure you can surmise, I had a great class Thursday! 

This class is usually packed – it’s not unusual to have twelve or fifteen people.  The mix pretty eclectic.  There are a couple of brand newbies (like me!), a few older women returning to ballet after an absence, and also some high school girls who are either fulfilling a flat requirement or working on technique.  Many of the regular ladies are incredibly talented dancers.  They are lovely to watch – and, I have to admit, somewhat intimidating to a new dancer.

But many of the regulars were missing this week, for whatever reason, and we only had 6 in class.  And it just so happened that the skill level of the class was pretty even.  I have noticed before that Madame is always adjusting exercises and combinations to fit the class in front of her.  I felt like Thursday’s class was tailored specifically to me (mark of a great teacher?  Probably!).   That made for a challenging, but very encouraging class.

I found myself smiling at random times just from the sheer fun.  Madame was very complimentary to all of us when we repeated combos and improved.  More than any class I’ve had so far, I was able to recognize my strongest areas and what I need to improve.

Classes like this makes me eager to get to the next one.  Hope your ballet days are going well too!

9 thoughts on “Great classes are Great!

  1. Ahhwww these classes are so awesome!! They remind us of everything we love in doing ballet. Hope more classes will be like this for you in the future!
    My Friday class was alright.. I guess.. We had a substitute, but sh still wanted us to work on the choreo for our performance. But we were all like “What the heck were we supposed to do again here?” And she didn’t know our dance, so it got confusing and chaotic. Ahhhh well, at least barre was nice! 🙂

      • Haha welllll…… We’re going to have a substitute again this Friday.. Our teacher is going to a concert so she arranged a sub for us some time ago. But I already know this sub and I really like her and she has a very nice way of teaching so it will be fine!

  2. Very nice to read this!

    I thought of you when I tripped /stubbed the toe of my quite bunched up canvas slipper last class, and went crumpling down to the floor! LOL! Not in terms of my supreme dorkiness, because no one can best me in that…..but got a very slight ankle twist. It’s all better now. We are learning a dance … .

    Your class sounds GREAT! Nice that you were both challeneged, and encouraged. Those, for me, are the best classes — they dangle that carrot!

  3. It is wonderful what a good class can do for someones spirits. Those classes are truly the ones that bring you back to ballet over and over again. I bet most people think that the classes that provide a challenge are not the good classes. But there is something powerful about pushing yourself just a little harder. Congrats on having such a good class!

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