What did YOU do today?

I hand washed a pair of tights.  Because ballet class starts in an hour and a half and I haven’t done laundry.


(Please, tights, please dry before class so you don’t have to be subjected the dryer!)


A Ballet Skirt, and a New Girl

Class this week was excellent.  I attribute most of this excellence to my new ballet skirt.  Please admire it now:


It’s SOOO pretty!  The photos just don’t do it justice.  And for a super fancy lace close-up:


Okay, don’t be too jealous.  You too can acquire one these beauties.  This from an online company I stumbled upon called gG’s Skirts.  The skirts are unique and comfy and gorgeous.  They are on the pricy side, starting at $40 each.  BUT, the company does this great thing called Surprise Skirts.  You give them your size and they send you a sample or discontinued skirt.  For only $19!  That is how I acquired this lovely.  And for my friends out of the States – they ship internationally!

I swear this skirt made my balances better last night.  I have no proof so you’ll just have to trust me.

In other news, the is a new girl in class.  Like super new.  Last week was her first class, and I assume she hasn’t taken any ballet before.  She jumped right in and tried to follow allow during barre and center, but she was struggling a bit.  Madame is really good and encouraging to the newbies.  She put New Girl behind Gorgeous Ballet Girl at the barre (just like she did with me!), and offered a lot of help.

Honestly, I wasn’t sure if we would see New Girl this week.  Sometimes they get scared off from the first class – I remember how intimidating that first class was.  But there she was.  We filed into the studio, and New Girl ended up standing next to me at the barre.  I though to myself, “Madame will surely move her to between a couple of the good dancers.  Poor New Girl will be lost watching me.”  Nope.  In Madame floated, glanced our way, and started class.

It’s a lot of pressure knowing someone’s following you.  I swear I was sweating twice a much as usual!  But it did make me work even harder to make sure I was doing all the steps properly.

We got to frappes (damn you, frappes!), and I felt I had to warn New Girl not to follow me too closely.  “I’m awful at these,” I said.  “I hope I don’t mess you up.”

“Oh, don’t worry,” New Girl said.  “I like watching you.  You’re very graceful.”

What?!?  MOI???

Maybe the compliment made my balances a little stronger too.

Starry Night with Kitteh

There an artistic trend about that I have just discovered that combines two of my FAVORITE (non-ballet) things: 

Art and Wine.

The idea is that anyone can be an artist, and anyone who wants to be an artist should be able to consume alcohol whilst exercising their creative muscles.  Studios have cropped up where painters instruct a group of non-artsy of age adults to recreate simple (and sometimes not-so-simple) works of art.  Think of it as a fancy paint by numbers.  With wine!

There are no fewer that 5 of these such studios in my immediate area, and I got to partake for the first time the past week.  And it’s FABULOUS.  Our theme for the evening was a pared down version of Van Gogh’s iconic “Starry Night.”  I decided to put my own (feline) spin on the work.  I call the result “Starry Night with Kitteh.”


Image (by yours truly, KitTeaCat)

If you have one of these studios in your area, I highly recommend it.  Even if you have never touched a paintbrush.  Especially if you’ve never touched a paintbrush.  Because everyone should have at least one piece of art on their wall that is self-made.  Happy painting!

Random Thoughts for Your Wednesday

  • Shaving my legs is that magical time when I discover bruises I didn’t know I had and have no idea how I acquired.
  • Puppies are exhausting.  But totally worth it.
  • Someone really needs to invent a waterproof pen and paper pad for the shower.  That’s where I have my best ideas and remember all the things I need to make a list to do.
  • High carb days are The Best Days.
  • Wednesdays are just a day you have to get through to get to Thursday ballet class.