A Ballet Skirt, and a New Girl

Class this week was excellent.  I attribute most of this excellence to my new ballet skirt.  Please admire it now:


It’s SOOO pretty!  The photos just don’t do it justice.  And for a super fancy lace close-up:


Okay, don’t be too jealous.  You too can acquire one these beauties.  This from an online company I stumbled upon called gG’s Skirts.  The skirts are unique and comfy and gorgeous.  They are on the pricy side, starting at $40 each.  BUT, the company does this great thing called Surprise Skirts.  You give them your size and they send you a sample or discontinued skirt.  For only $19!  That is how I acquired this lovely.  And for my friends out of the States – they ship internationally!

I swear this skirt made my balances better last night.  I have no proof so you’ll just have to trust me.

In other news, the is a new girl in class.  Like super new.  Last week was her first class, and I assume she hasn’t taken any ballet before.  She jumped right in and tried to follow allow during barre and center, but she was struggling a bit.  Madame is really good and encouraging to the newbies.  She put New Girl behind Gorgeous Ballet Girl at the barre (just like she did with me!), and offered a lot of help.

Honestly, I wasn’t sure if we would see New Girl this week.  Sometimes they get scared off from the first class – I remember how intimidating that first class was.  But there she was.  We filed into the studio, and New Girl ended up standing next to me at the barre.  I though to myself, “Madame will surely move her to between a couple of the good dancers.  Poor New Girl will be lost watching me.”  Nope.  In Madame floated, glanced our way, and started class.

It’s a lot of pressure knowing someone’s following you.  I swear I was sweating twice a much as usual!  But it did make me work even harder to make sure I was doing all the steps properly.

We got to frappes (damn you, frappes!), and I felt I had to warn New Girl not to follow me too closely.  “I’m awful at these,” I said.  “I hope I don’t mess you up.”

“Oh, don’t worry,” New Girl said.  “I like watching you.  You’re very graceful.”

What?!?  MOI???

Maybe the compliment made my balances a little stronger too.


3 thoughts on “A Ballet Skirt, and a New Girl

  1. Ohhhh how I love these moments! Wonderful. And such a lovely skirt!!
    I once had two new girls discussing who would stand behind me, never had heard of things like this.. but it was true! Don’t underestimate yourself 🙂

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