Did You Know? (And if you did, why didn’t you tell me?!)

It’s that time of year:  School has let out, which means my college town is no longer crawling with drunk frat boys, but quiet and peaceful.  The weather is perfect for playing outside, and going to ballet class without several sweater layers.  For many of you fellow adult ballet students, I know summer also means no class.  Luckily, my studio does hold a limited number of classes.

But here’s another thing that happens this time of year . . . all the teenagers at the studio are buzzing about summer intensives.

I’ve listened longingly to the tales of auditions, and all day ballet, and spending weeks with people who love dance.  But I’ve just been grateful I have the opportunity to continue class.

Until I flipped through an old issue of Pointe magazine.  And saw an ad for Sun King Dance Camp.

What WHAT??

If you don’t know, Sun King is a week long dance camp held in several American and Canadian cities that caters only to adult ballet students.  It is a summer intensive for adult students.

The existence of this camp makes me extremely happy.  I am hoping to attend a session next summer, although none of the locations are particularly close to me.

Did you know such a thing existed?? Have you attending an adult student camp or intensive?


9 thoughts on “Did You Know? (And if you did, why didn’t you tell me?!)

  1. Ohhhhh how I wish us sober Dutchies would have a bit of the ‘Bigger and Better’ mentality of the Americans…. I am dying for an adult summer intensive!!!!!! They only have dance classes for (pre)pros and dance teachers.. So jealous right now!!!

  2. Lol, I knew! I went last year and I’m going again this year. We do get people from BC Canada too. It is such a wonderful experience and I do recommend going at least once. Also if anyone is in the Washington area, there is another week long adult intensive in August in West Seattle.

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