What a Week!

Monday:          Ballet class

Tuesday:         Upper body/Abs with personal trainer

                        (Then came home and did Finis Jhung’s “Stretch, Turnout, Extension” DVD . . . Whew!)

Wednesday:    Sand volleyball game

Thursday:        Ballet class

Friday:             Lower body/Abs with personal trainer

Image (You need to Google “Work It Kitty.”   Seriously.) 


What are YOU doing this week??


7 thoughts on “What a Week!

  1. Woohooo you did well!!
    I had a party last Sunday (so lots of dancing going on), horse riding on Monday, contemporary ballet yesterday, tomorrow I’m having a dance photoshoot and on Friday I’ll have another horse riding day and also classical ballet.
    We keep busy!

  2. Those Finis Jhung’s are torture aren’t they?! I was so sore after I did only six of the beginning barre work DVD! Love that fitness kitty!

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