A Double

I am not talking about cheeseburgers here.

(Although a double cheeseburger sounds delicious.  I am somewhat easily distracted today.)

You guys.  Last night in class, I did a double pirouette.  Two turns.  TWO.


Pirouette are not my forte.  I struggle with them.  I don’t spot well, and although my balance is fairly solid, I always feel out of control when I turn. I am super pleased when I get a kinda clean, at-least-I-landed-in-the-right position single.

Needless to say, the double was quite unexpected.

I didn’t mean to.  We were doing a combo across the floor.  And the second time through, I just. Kept. Turning.  Luckily, we ran out of music, or I may have fallen down in shock.  It honestly scared the crap out of me – I looked up at Madame watching us from the front of the studio and she just smiled and held up two fingers.

A double pirouette.  It wasn’t clean, or pretty, or technically sound.  But I did it.  Which means I can do it again.


9 thoughts on “A Double

  1. Wooohooooo!!!! Super happy for you!!! I remember when I did a clean double for the first time, it was such an amazing feeling!!!
    You go girl 😀

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