My Poor, Aching Feet

I need your help!

Madame is always very specific about making us really work through our feet in class – rolling deliberately through tendus, maintaining a nice high demi-pointe, and being aware of how our toes grab the floor.  These are things that I heard in my first few months of class, but didn’t really understand what they meant.  it has only been in the last couple of weeks that I can tell that I am articulating and using my feet.

Because they hurt!  The morning after class, my feet feel sore and crampy and weak.  They become fatigued during other activities that I never thought about before.  In short, I am using new muscles, and the muscles are trying to get used to being used.  This is good news since I think it means I’m finally working the way I should be.

But here’s where I need the help.  It seems harder to get over this particular muscles soreness, and it’s so unique because your feet are in use constantly.  How do you treat your sore feet??    Any advice would be appreciated!


11 thoughts on “My Poor, Aching Feet

  1. I usually prop them up after class, keep them elevated. Also sometimes I soak them and treat them to a nice foot cream that cools and calms my muscles.
    Other than that, I wear wooly socks to keep them warm before and after class and I make sure I do my exercises at home with my theraband and usual releves and tendus at the kitchen sink 😉

  2. I hear you on not understanding what it even means to really point until after doing ballet for a bit. I look back on my first attempts at pointing and I laugh, lol. As for the soreness, it seems as if my feet are perpetually sore. Is your soreness on the bottom (the part you stand on when in demi-pointe) or on top where it gets all stretched out? I just massage and massage as long as I can, and then ask boyfriend to massage them (which makes me fall asleeep, lol). If you have access to one of those water foot massage tubs that would probably help, too. Oh, and when not dancing, wear comfy shoes and I agree with the above comment about elevating them.

    • Most of the soreness is on the bottom especially in my arch (or lack thereof – I’m actually pretty flat footed). Maybe I can talk my husband into post-class massages twice a week?? 😊

  3. Also a big fan of massage! I love those little “Foot Rubz” balls, or just a plain ole tennis ball, especially if my arch is sore. I also try to prop them up on pillows, etc. Depending on the type of pain, icing (if you notice inflammation/swelling) or a heated soak (just general muscle soreness) could be good too.

  4. Since I am not a “real” dancer like many here, I have only this to offer: even at my level of dance class, my feet cramp. I find that for me theraband is helpful. Also those toe separaters (similar to the old Yoga Toes) to help straighten the toes and realign them. I have so many problem in my feet from years of figure skating, that it’s not even funny. Propping them up helps me, too. Good luck, and happy to hear you are enjoying your classses!

  5. I’m not the best person to be giving advice about feet right now, haha. But I’m with Jackie — using the Foot Rubz ball BEFORE class helped prevent my arches and metatarsals from cramping up. Post-shower post-class, I rub my feet with a massage oil that has peppermint and arnica (to help reduce inflammation). 🙂

  6. Yea, I agree with Ballettrist. Rolling a ball under your foot with applied pressure before class helps relax the muscles and starts blood flow to them. Then do it after class following with a massage all the way up through the calf and thighs will help minimize strain. I was achieving a better point in class during my intensive because how hot it was in the room. Super feet cramp happened, usually if that happens in class during tendus or whatever I just flex the foot and try to go gently to warm them up further.

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