Brain, get out of the way. Feet are working.

Ever feel like you could be a beautiful dancer if only your brain would turn off and let you?

That’s been my ballet class experience for the past 2 weeks.  Something’s got to give (preferably not my ankle again. . .)!

Let go.  Think less, move more. Screw up, but keep dancing.

Those are my goals for this week.

Oh, and also to get some new shoes, cause mine are dying fast. =)


3 thoughts on “Brain, get out of the way. Feet are working.

  1. I see how I could feel like I would be a better dancer if my brain would turn off. For some reason I dance better when I practice at home and in class I feel stiff, like I’m terrified of screwing up. This might be the whole over-thinking it thing, it’s so hard for me to just relax and dance when I feel other’s might be watching, lol.

  2. Grrrr I hate it when I start thinking! That usually happens when I get corrected but sometimes even when I get a compliment. I’m just thrown off of my game and it screws up the whole combination! 😉

    • Me too! I have to be in a very special place to actually apply a correction without screwing up the next 16 counts in the process! Maybe one day it will all come naturally??

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