Visions of Sugar Plums

You guys.  Something happened last week after class.  I was walking out with my ballet friend (who I shall call Running Ballerina, as she is a serious runner).  Madame was talking to a new student, but motioned for us to wait for her to finish.

(I don’t know why, but I immediately got that butterfly-in-the-stomach-the-teacher-asked-you-to-stay-after-and-you’re-in-trouble feeling.)

But she told us that a couple of the women who usually do the party scene in Nutcracker were unavailable for some performances.  Would we like to fill in and be part of the show this year?


So let me repeat – Madame asked us to appear, on stage, as part of one of the studio’s performances.  With the Real and Serious Dancers.

Unfortunately, I have plans that take me out of town for the entire performance weekend.  It’s crappy luck, because my theatre-loving heart fluttered at the thought.  So sadly, I had to decline.  I think Running Ballerina will do it though.  She’s never been onstage, and I hope she has a blast!

Even though I can’t do the show, the point is that Madame asked me.  ME.  Me who has been taking ballet at the studio just over a year.  Me who feels like she constantly struggles with parts of class.  Not several of the other girls who have been taking classes longer.  Not the other girls who are, as far as I can see, better dancers.  Talk about a confidence booster!

So, alas, no Nutcracker debut for me.  But maybe next year??

4 thoughts on “Visions of Sugar Plums

  1. That’s lovely! I wish The Ballet School used actual adults as the parents in the party scene (the school where I trained growing up used adults and visiting alumni for most of the walk-around-dancing parts and just Clara’s parents were upper level pre-pro kids), but alas, it’s all teenagers in funny wigs and mustaches (just the boys..)

  2. When I first started taking class as an adult, I thought, there’s no way you’re going to get me on stage. Then a friend talked me into being a party parent. After getting over the completely scared to death part of performing in front of thousands of people. I’ll be performing in my eighth Nutcracker this year (among other productions).

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