A bit about the Waltz

The waltz step is hard.

Beginners often struggle with it, and I am no exception.  Oh, I get the step.  I know what I’m supposed to be doing.  I get the rhythm.  I know where my feet are supposed to go, where my arms will end up, and the corners and directions I should be travelling towards.  But actually DOING it is another story.

Actually, that’s not quite true.  I can do it.  I have done it.  But I know it’s not pretty.  It’s not graceful, or fluid, or any of the lovely things the waltz step is when I watch the other girls in class perform it.  Either my feet get sloppy, or I add and extra step, or my arms never quite match my legs.  It’s just hard.

Until it’s not.

I feel like ballet is always this way.  Something is difficult, impossible – until it’s not.  Until one day you can just do it.

Last night, my waltzes to the right just clicked.  It all worked.  And I felt graceful, light, and lovely.  The left wasn’t as great, but the whole class was worth it for that One Perfect Waltz.


On a side note, I have not abandoned Sunday Splits!  I took this week’s pictures, but my phone and tablet are clearly in a fight and they refuse to cooperate to upload photos.  Once they are reconciled, I will post!


3 thoughts on “A bit about the Waltz

  1. Isn’t great when after weeks or months of struggling something just seems to “click”? I love that feeling. I know there will be a struggle when I am learning something new, and I even love the struggle, but few things can beat the feeling when I finally nail that step or that turn.

  2. Oh I hear you on that waltz front. It took actual YEARS, various debates with at least one teacher (“I don’t understand” “but I don’t understand what you don’t understand” circular affairs), and a lot of despair before one day it just clicked and suddenly (almost by magic) I could do it and it made sense and it felt right…

    I don’t understand but I love that ballet can do that to you 🙂

  3. seriously, I think it’s the hardest step learnt as an adult. It’s difficult as a young student but you’re more willing to go with the flow and adapt. Adults have this stupid inner frustration of having to get it right the first time, and further frustration when it doesn’t happen. You’ll get there, I was near tears the first several times i did it, and now it’s one of the step I enjoy doing in a very flowy artsy manner.

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