Technology Sucks, or Double Sunday Splits

I don’t know why my phone and tablet can’t get along.  It’s like they’re standing with their backs to each other, arms folded, refusing to speak.  Like a boy and a girl on opposite sides of the gym at a middle school dance.  Like siblings sharing a room who duct tape down the middle when they’re fighting.  It’s really getting ridiculous.

Anyway, I bring you, for your viewing pleasure, 2 weeks worth of Sunday Splits!


Sunday October 5 (skipped middle this week – just coulnd’t do it!):

rsplit (Left split)

lsplit (Right split)


Sunday October 12:

IMG_1439 (Rigth split.  Yay, looks like progress!)

IMG_1440 (Left split.  Why did I face opposite directions??  No one knows . . .)

IMG_1441 (Middle.  I really didn’t want to post this.  Yikes.)

These photos are super awkward, I’ve noticed.  Oh well.  At least you can tell they’re not fake!



4 thoughts on “Technology Sucks, or Double Sunday Splits

  1. I like this idea! Nothing like the whole internet as accountability partners to keep you on track with a project. Definitely looks like your splits are coming along, awkward photos or no!

  2. I like the split project, too! By the way, I do not think your photos look awkward. Adult dance students do have a tendency to feel awkward (me, too, all the time).

  3. If you don’t mind me saying, when doing your L and R splits, you’ll want to settle your torso and weight as much as possible on your pelvis. This way you’re not straining your hamstrings and your knees when pulling apart your legs. If you have yoga blocks, they’ll be handy to lift your hands higher off the ground so that you don’t have to be reaching for the floor. Good luck! I did this two years ago and found some great success. You just have to keep at it EVERY day, and try not to sleep on your side.

    • That’s a great tip – makes complete sense! I do have some yoga blocks, but I never thought to use them for splits. I usually strech my middle with my arms on a table or ottoman, I juts don’t show it for photos.

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