Astrology, Insanity, and the Cold Weather Slump

Remember back when astrology was the Big Thing, and we all read our horscopes and poured over books about our personalities based on our sun signs?  Yeah, I used to LOVE that stuff.  And personality tests.  I don’t know why, it just pulls me in every time.

So it turns out I’m a Gemini.  Back when I read all the books, I always thought “Yeah!  That’s exactly like me!  How weird!”  Now I realize most of that garbage is so generic it can apply to anyone.  But there is one trait that sticks with me about Geminis in particualr, and I can’t wish it away as generic because it is So. Me.  Geminis are really bad at finishing things.

I am GREAT at starting new things.  I’m great at ideas, and brainstorming, and I’m always up for taking a crazy new class or adventure.  But I have zero follow-through.  My closet is perpetually half cleaned out and organized.   My DVDs are partially alphabtized.  I call my workspace organized chaos.

Maybe I get distracted.  Maybe it’s boredom.  Maybe it’s 12 other new things and ideas to try that get in the way.  The only thing I can consistently finish is a new book.  In school, everyone thought I was a procrastinator because I was always pulling all-nighters to finish term papers.  What they didn’t realize was that I LOVED term papers – I usually raced to the library for research the minute it was assigned and worked furiously for a couple days.  Until I found soemthing else and forgot all about it.

Whatever the reason, I, KitTeaCat the Gemini,  can admit it: I suck at finishing things I start.

(Maybe this is why ballet appeals to me?  There is no “finish” to ballet – it is constant progress.)

By far, my finish-challenged self has the worst time with workouts and staying healthy.  I am into the gym – until I’m not.  I religiously did ballet videos – for a bit.  I love running – if it’s not too hot or too cold and there’s nothing on televison.  And I can stick to a diet – but more often, I choose not to.

Winter is the worst for workout slumps.  It’s cold and it’s dark and all I want to do is eat cookies and drink wine.  I usually end up skipping the gym and staying on the couch.  Plus, holiday food.  Mmmm.  I always find myself slacking and quitting and putting on some hibernation weight.  It’s just what happens.


Or rather, until October 15th, which is the day I embarked on a workout schedule so crazy, they call it Insanity.  I have owned a not-so-legal burned copy (shhh) for several years now, and have done a couple of the workouts here and there.  But I have made the command decision to go against my nature and actually Finish. The. Program.

To this end, I have written up a snazzy schedule.  I have altered the 60-day program to around 90 days, taking into account my ballet classes and holidays.  I’ve even been meal planning.  I am fighting the winter slump and it’s not even that cold yet.  Yay me!

And, most importantly, I’ve been saying this out loud.  To people.  So I can’t quit quietly.


3 thoughts on “Astrology, Insanity, and the Cold Weather Slump

  1. I used to hate astrology – the description always made my sign sound so lame, ugh. But then I realized that it’s totally describing me, I was just fighting it. I’ve learned to love it now 🙂
    Anyway, I think starting a project out is way more exciting than finishing it, so I also have a trail of unfinished projects behind me. Sometimes I get ahead of myself and bite off more than I can chew…
    Good luck on your fitness goals!
    Oh, and I, too, can always manage to finish a book though.

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