Back to Ballet

It’s been a sad, sad ballet month thus far.  My studio was closed for Thanksgiving week, and then I had to miss a couple of classes for silly reasons.  My first class in two weeks was on Monday and I was So. Sore. the next couple of days!

BUT.  Now it’s back to regular ballet!

. . . until Christmas and New Year’s roll in and screw up everyone’s schedule again.


How do you keep your ballet routine over the crazy holidays??

2 thoughts on “Back to Ballet

  1. I’m wondering the same thing. I also missed two weeks around Thanksgiving; got back to class on Wednesday (and felt totally off my game) — now it’s one more class tomorrow (maybe two), and then a week off, and then back to class *again* and off to visit my family and do class at New Haven Ballet. Being able to get a class in when traveling really helps. I’m hoping I won’t miss any class that week.

    I intend to plan better next year… Somehow?

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