Post-Ankle Incident

Monday was my first ballet class post-ankle ouch.  Actually, it was my first time really doing anything on it other than walking.  I haven’t had much pain on it since a couple of days after I injured it, but the swelling has been crazy.  It’s gone down a bit, but mostly just moved around to other parts of my foot.  I have puffy toes.  Seriously.  Eww.

I had decided before class that doing any sort of jumping would be a bit too much.  But I just HAD to get back to class.  I miss it when I’m away.  There’s just something so relaxing and comforting about hearing the music and sinking into that first plié. 

So I planned to do barre only, and stop.  It felt really good to get that ankle working and stretched out.  I got tired pretty quickly though, so I can tell it’s weak.  A work in progress.

In related news, I have found myself watching Center Stage and old reruns of Breaking Pointe just to get my ballet fix on days without class.  And my collection of ballet books seems to be growing quickly as well.  It may be safe to say I’m developing an obsession!