The Necessities

National Novel Writing Month update!

Words written:  19,899

Words behind schedule:  11,767 (yikes)

But at least I’ve got my noveling necessities:

necsessities (Tea with kitty, please.  Thanks to Tennessee Smoky Mountain honey and my baby Dagny for all their support.)


Sunday Splits

I really want my splits.

I know it’s silly.  I’m too old for splits.  Splits aren’t necessary to dance ballet.  There is no class that will kick me out after failing to produce a proper split.  But none of that matters.  I want it anyway.

It takes time and stretching.  That’s all.  Keep working, and it will get there.  Or so I keep telling myself.  So, in an effort to reach my silly little goal, I have decided to begin a segment henceforth known as Sunday Splits.

Every Sunday, I will post photos of my splits.  Hopefully, there will be improvement.  But above all, I think a weekly post will force me to keep up with my stretching.  Should any Sunday pass without a post, feel free to say, “Hey, KitTeaCat, where the heck are your Sunday Splits?  Get cracking!”

Without further adieu, the first installment:

IMG_1405 (Right leg front split.  I think the shorts make is look closer to the ground than it actually is, but definitely my better side.  Also notice Francisco in the background clearly asking “What the hell is Mama doing?”  I hate him a little because of his effortless flexibility. 😉)
IMG_1406 (Left leg front split.  Long way to go.  And now Loki has joined in on the fun.)
IMG_1407  (Middle straddle split.  Ewww.  Needs SO MUCH work.  I hate this one.  And also, sorry for the lovely butt view.)

(I, of course, realize it is Friday and not Sunday.  Nevertheless, I begin Sunday Splits today.  Because I am a rebel.  And an overachiever.  And Friday Splits doesn’t have the nice alliterative ring to it.)

Starry Night with Kitteh

There an artistic trend about that I have just discovered that combines two of my FAVORITE (non-ballet) things: 

Art and Wine.

The idea is that anyone can be an artist, and anyone who wants to be an artist should be able to consume alcohol whilst exercising their creative muscles.  Studios have cropped up where painters instruct a group of non-artsy of age adults to recreate simple (and sometimes not-so-simple) works of art.  Think of it as a fancy paint by numbers.  With wine!

There are no fewer that 5 of these such studios in my immediate area, and I got to partake for the first time the past week.  And it’s FABULOUS.  Our theme for the evening was a pared down version of Van Gogh’s iconic “Starry Night.”  I decided to put my own (feline) spin on the work.  I call the result “Starry Night with Kitteh.”


Image (by yours truly, KitTeaCat)

If you have one of these studios in your area, I highly recommend it.  Even if you have never touched a paintbrush.  Especially if you’ve never touched a paintbrush.  Because everyone should have at least one piece of art on their wall that is self-made.  Happy painting!