Creative Use of Couch

People who have never lived with a pit bull generally have misguided views about them.  No, I am not about to launch into a sermon about how misunderstood pits are, or the idiocy of judging an entire breed, or even a nature versus nurture rant. 

This about the fact that pit bulls are weirdos, and you just don’t realize it until you’ve got one or two in the house.

Seriously, my dogs are two of the weirdest animals ever.  Of course, you could make the argument that my husband and I just raised them that way.  (And honestly, our cats would be strong evidence to support that theory!)  But every pit I’ve ever met has certain characteristics that make me think it is just part of who they are.  They are tenacious, and loyal, and energetic . . . and weird.

My personal favorite of these weird qualities is the fact that when pit bulls lounge around, they have some of the strangest “relaxing” positions I’ve ever seen.  People say that cats are connoisseurs of comfort.  No matter where a cat chooses to bed down, it always looks inexplicably comfortable and cozy.  And I have reached the conclusion that pit bulls are the exact opposite.  Every time I see Maddox or Deacon napping, I want to sneakily adjust them.  Limbs bent at freakishly odd angles, head hanging off the bed, laying on their backs with legs straight in the air, even choosing and using specific pillows and blankets – you name it, I’ve seen it in my two.

There is a photo series on my phone of Deacon that I affectionately refer to as “Creative Use of Couch.”  He tends to find very interesting napping positions on furniture.  Today was no exception:


He chilled on that chair – in that position – for about an hour.  I love my little weirdo.



I like to think I have many talents (hehe), but forgiveness is definitely not one of them.  I don’t really hold grudges, but I am not adept at forgiving and forgetting, as the adage goes.

Today, I get to practice the skill.  Because Deacon was a bad dog.

Deacon and Maddox are the canine residents of the KitTeaCat household.


Both pit bulls, Maddox (the fawn) is 6 years old and Deacon (black) is 2. They are usually well-behaved dogs.  Like most pits, they are fiercely loyal, playful, very energetic, and protective of their house and pack (both people and kitties!).  They also both went through very long puppy stages in which they had separation anxiety that usually manifested itself by tearing the house to shreds.  Pits are strong dogs, and if they put their mind to eating a pillow or two, the pillow is NOT going to win (Need proof? See below).

Unfortunately, Deacon’s puppy separation anxiety made an unexpected reappearance today.  And the casualty was Maddox’s favorite dog bed.  I walked upstairs to see bit of fabric and foam ALL OVER the bedroom floor.  I haven’t felt so angry in a long time.

It’s not a terribly expensive bed.  It’s a pain to clean up, but the floor needed vacuuming anyway.  No, the thing that really, really made me angry is that it is MADDOX’s bed.  She sleeps in it nearly every night.  Now she’ll have to go without her favorite snuggle place for a few days until I can replace it.  Not a very nice thing to do to your sister, Deac.

Grrr.  I love my four-legged kids, but they sure can try your patience.  I’ll forgive him.  It’s hard to stay upset at that whiny, baby face.  But I reserve the right to stay mad for awhile.

IMG_0271 (This is an example of Bad Deacon from his puppy days. . . Pit Bull: One, Throw pillow: Zero)