I am writing this post in bed, left foot propped up with ice pack (ok, actually a bag of frozen peas) on my ankle.  I had ballet class tonight, and the swelling is rearing its ugly puffiness, even though I was a good little girl and have been sticking to barre exercises only.

I am way over this bum ankle.

Since it’s still hurting and still swollen, several people have encouraged me to get an x-ray done.  I figure I would have known if something were broken – I am a notorious pain wimp, and I’m pretty sure I couldn’t have been walking on a partially broken foot for two weeks.  Nevertheless, I caved and did it yesterday.  All clear.  I just have a sprain.  Nothing to do but rest, ice, ibuprofen, and wait it out.

Unfortunately, patience is NOT a virtue of mine.

Actually, the worst part isn’t the pain, or the swelling, or the fact that I have a single unsightly cankle.  The worst part is the weakness.  I’m not speaking metaphorically – I don’t think I’m a weak person for getting hurt or anything like that.  I mean my ankle is literally WEAK.  My left leg is trembling halfway through barre.  I hate feeling like I’ve regressed in class.  And I’m not sure how to keep things even while the ankle heals.

I know eventually everything will heal, and things will get back to normal.  Maybe whining will hasten the process??