Quick Splits Update

Rockin’ and rollin’ with our Sunday Splits!

IMG_1454 (Right.   I could really feel myself getting lower and better in this split!  Exciting!)

IMG_1456 (Left.)


P.S. I tried the yoga block suggestion – but they blocked the view in the photos.  So I just tried to sit up straighter.  Guess the blocks will be for daily stretching only!

Happy stretching!!


Technology Sucks, or Double Sunday Splits

I don’t know why my phone and tablet can’t get along.  It’s like they’re standing with their backs to each other, arms folded, refusing to speak.  Like a boy and a girl on opposite sides of the gym at a middle school dance.  Like siblings sharing a room who duct tape down the middle when they’re fighting.  It’s really getting ridiculous.

Anyway, I bring you, for your viewing pleasure, 2 weeks worth of Sunday Splits!


Sunday October 5 (skipped middle this week – just coulnd’t do it!):

rsplit (Left split)

lsplit (Right split)


Sunday October 12:

IMG_1439 (Rigth split.  Yay, looks like progress!)

IMG_1440 (Left split.  Why did I face opposite directions??  No one knows . . .)

IMG_1441 (Middle.  I really didn’t want to post this.  Yikes.)

These photos are super awkward, I’ve noticed.  Oh well.  At least you can tell they’re not fake!


Sunday Splits Update!

Or rather,  Sunday Splits clarification with better photos??  I suppose since I cheated and started on Friday, there won’t be much progress.  But here’s to sticking with it for two whole days!

IMG_1418 (Right leg front splits.  Confident this one will get there!)

IMG_1420 (Left leg front splits.  Definitely easier to see in this photo.)

IMG_1422 (Middle straddle splits.  Yuck.  Anyone have stretching suggestions??  But check out my adorable “Adopt” tee!)

See you with some splits next Sunday!

Sunday Splits

I really want my splits.

I know it’s silly.  I’m too old for splits.  Splits aren’t necessary to dance ballet.  There is no class that will kick me out after failing to produce a proper split.  But none of that matters.  I want it anyway.

It takes time and stretching.  That’s all.  Keep working, and it will get there.  Or so I keep telling myself.  So, in an effort to reach my silly little goal, I have decided to begin a segment henceforth known as Sunday Splits.

Every Sunday, I will post photos of my splits.  Hopefully, there will be improvement.  But above all, I think a weekly post will force me to keep up with my stretching.  Should any Sunday pass without a post, feel free to say, “Hey, KitTeaCat, where the heck are your Sunday Splits?  Get cracking!”

Without further adieu, the first installment:

IMG_1405 (Right leg front split.  I think the shorts make is look closer to the ground than it actually is, but definitely my better side.  Also notice Francisco in the background clearly asking “What the hell is Mama doing?”  I hate him a little because of his effortless flexibility. 😉)
IMG_1406 (Left leg front split.  Long way to go.  And now Loki has joined in on the fun.)
IMG_1407  (Middle straddle split.  Ewww.  Needs SO MUCH work.  I hate this one.  And also, sorry for the lovely butt view.)

(I, of course, realize it is Friday and not Sunday.  Nevertheless, I begin Sunday Splits today.  Because I am a rebel.  And an overachiever.  And Friday Splits doesn’t have the nice alliterative ring to it.)

An Open Letter to My Left Leg

You are making me look like an idiot.

I distinctly recall our Brain speaking directly to you in class.  Brain said, “Okay, Left Leg.  Your turn to go in front.  You lead, and we’ll follow.”  So across the floor we went . . . and you ignored directions completely.

I get it.  Sometimes when we go to the gym, I let you get away with stuff.  Like working a little less.  Shoving the majority off on that Other Leg when we get to the leg press.  And making sure your lunges are just a bit easier than Right Leg’s.

But it’s time to get serious. This isn’t the gym; this is ballet class.  And when we go across the floor, sometimes you’re going have to lead.  And unfortunately for you, Left Leg, it has to be an even split (Side note to my Groin:  Don’t freak out!  No splits for us yet!).  Half the time, Left Leg has to be out front.  So I’m going to need you to focus.

I know it’s hard.  But I promise you’ll get some extra stretching out of the deal.  Maybe even a heating pad.  We don’t even have to tell Right Leg.


A (Hopefully) Balanced Ballerina