July Update!

It’s been awhile, dear blog.  July has been a SUPER busy month, and I’ve been shunning the computer at home.  Here’s a brief what’s what about how the KitTeaCat household spent July:

  • Volleyball!  I’ve ben playing on a fun coed beach league.  We’re seriously terrible, and haven’t won a game all season.  But we’re having fun, and getting better!  It’s nice to be outside exercising with friends.
  • Ballet!  I’ve been taking 2 classes per week, which is wonderful.  Trying to decide if I can continue for the whole year.
  • July 4 marked the one year anniversary for me and my husband.  And we celebrated by . . . baling hay.  We had a plan to travel for the day, lined up puppy-sitters – but the weather dictates farming.  But tossing 1200 bales of hay is fun too, right?
  • Puppy!  Our newest dog Luke is fitting into the pack and growing like a weed!  He’s a Mama’s Boy for sure, so I’ve spent a lot of my usual blogging time with him.
  • Gymnastics!  My sister and I have kept up with a private lesson a week.  It’s great to do something different – and hopefully I’ll be able to show off my front handsprings!
  • New gym!  As of TODAY, my sister and I have joined a new gym (following our trainer – long story!).  And the best part of the new gym is that membership includes group classes at now charge.  No more excuses about getting bored with workouts!
  • Hot Dogs!  I love summer.  Everyone’s having cookouts, and everyone’s cookout includes hotdogs.  Seriously, I ate 8 over Fourth of July weekend.  Good thing I’m staying active!
  • Ballet again!  Because I can’t help but put in writing that one of the girls in class has told me twice now that I’ve turned into “a fun to watch dancer.”  Am I glowing??

What have YOU been up to??