I am a winter hater.  Cold depresses me.  Snow just makes me angry.  But I have been trying really hard this year to keep a lid on the seasonal complaints and keep a tolerant attitude.

However, my patience with the cold season is waning. 

The high temp today was 0. Zero. This is not a high!  Zero is, quite literally, nothing.  It was -12 when I drove to the barn to feed horses this morning.  Right now it is -4.  And don’t get me started on the wind chill.

I’m over it.  Springtime, please.

Pas de Cheval

My husband has trained a lot of horses.  A LOT.  And he’s developed some very specific training methods after working with so many different animals.  For example, when he is teaching something new to a horse, sometimes the horse just doesn’t pick up the maneuver.  Horses (like dogs, children, and adult ballet dancers) learn through repetition.  So when a horse is just not getting it, many trainers keep going and going and going, thinking the horse will eventually get the light bulb *ding,* and all will be well.  And many times, this works,  But horses (like dogs, children, and adult ballet dancers) are all a little different, and learn in different ways.  So when the repetitive approach doesn’t work, my husband tries a different tactic.  If the horse is stuck, unable to learn the new bit, he turns the horse out for a few days.  No training, just time to eat grass and be a horse.

And something really cool happens.  Three days later, when he gets back on that horse and asks for that tricky new maneuver, the horse just does it.  Like he’s been doing it for years.  Like it was never difficult at all.

The theory behind this is that sometimes the horse needs a break.  Time to process.  Time to think.  Take a few steps back, relax, and sometimes the answer just comes.

And that’s how my first class back to ballet felt.

After a month off ballet, I was nervous about being out of shape, or forgetting terms and steps, or just being generally awful.  But as soon as the music started and I sank into my first demi-plie, it all just clicked.  Even my frappes were decent.  All in all, I just had a great class.  And I really think it’s due, at least in part, to my long break from the studio.

And I can’t wait to see where the next class takes me.

Winter sucks. And a wedding.

Damn you, snow!!

Because of this freezing atrocity, I missed ballet.  Again.  I have now been sans ballet for 4 agonizing weeks (2 due to holidays, 1 due to a weather induced loss of electricity, and 1 for dangerous snowy roads).  Really, it’s getting quite ridiculous and I am beginning to fear when I finally do make it back into the studio, I will have lost any progress I’ve made.

I have always hated winter.  I hate cold and I hate snow.  Today, for instance, it did not actually snow.  However, the wind gusts were so strong that the roads were covered, despite the efforts of the plows.  Drifts sending cars off the roads and blocking my driveway.  Makes a girl seriously consider hibernation.

In addition, I went to a wedding last night.  I don’t know if any of you have attended a winter wedding (I certainly hadn’t).  If not, be assured that it is DAMN COLD.  Walking into the church was treacherous (heels + icy sidewalks = Hell).   Of course, it was fun once we got into the reception.  I got my fill of dancing, even if it wasn’t of the classical variety.

And, ever true to my ballet love, I stashed a pair of leg warmers in my bag for the ride home.


Back to the grind . . .

I know I’m a bit late for the New Year rush back to healthy eating and exercising.  I blame the holidays and the snowstorm that left us snowed in for 3 days, which means this has been my first “real” week back to work. 

SO!  The fridge is stocked with veggies and lean chicken and turkey.  I have healthy snacks on hand to combat late night cravings.  Training sessions are scheduled with the gym.  I’m trying to get back into my stretching routine.  And best of all, ballet!  My first class back is tomorrow night and I can’t wait.  I expect it to be rough, since I’ve been off 3 weeks.  But I plan on 110% effort, and that counts for something, right??

On a side note, I can’t wait until around February 1st when everyone forgets their resolutions . . . my gym is PACKED and it’s very annoying. 😁

Snowed In

Haven’t left the house since Sunday morning.  Dogs refuse to go outside and insist on being covered with blankets.  Kitties fight over lap snuggle space.

Well, technically it isn’t snowing any longer.  But has been deemed illegal to drive due to the conditions.  We’ve gotten 22 inches of snow in 5 days. The temperature is currently -9 F, with a wind chill of -35 F.  Schools are closed.  Businesses are closed.  The low temps have broken records.

Hope everyone else is nice and warm.  I will be spending the day cooped up with my pups and kits in with some fluffy blankets.

WIN_20140107_110716 (Maddox – wearing a sweater and wrapped up in not one, but two blankets.  She’s not very upset that Mama has to stay home 😉 )