Working Without a Net


There’s this girl in my adult ballet class.  And she is GORGEOUS to watch.  Every movement she makes is graceful, and meaningful, and beautiful.  Her extension is for miles.  It is impossible not to watch her.

But here’s the best part . . . she’s actually nice.  In my first few classes, the instructor put me next to her at the barre and in her group for across the floor combos.  She makes sure I am following.  When I have a dumb question, she answers it and makes me feel less silly.  And when I have no idea what I’m doing (you know, like always), it helps to just copy her and hope for the best.

Gorgeous Ballet Girl is my net.  I’m out here swinging along on my trapeze, terrified to let go and fly.  But, I can still do it, because the net’s there to catch me if (haha, when) I fall.

It’s pleasantly reassuring.

Fast forward to last Thursday.  Class was in a different studio, and there were a few new people.  I picked a spot on the barre, the music started, and plié, plié, plié ensued.  It took me about 45 seconds to realize Gorgeous Ballet Girl was on the other side of the room.  I was about to work without my net.

And it wasn’t so bad!  I got a little behind (i.e. completely lost) here and there, but I lived through it.  And I actually used the mirror.

So here’s to progress.  And flying without the net.

An Open Letter to My Left Leg

You are making me look like an idiot.

I distinctly recall our Brain speaking directly to you in class.  Brain said, “Okay, Left Leg.  Your turn to go in front.  You lead, and we’ll follow.”  So across the floor we went . . . and you ignored directions completely.

I get it.  Sometimes when we go to the gym, I let you get away with stuff.  Like working a little less.  Shoving the majority off on that Other Leg when we get to the leg press.  And making sure your lunges are just a bit easier than Right Leg’s.

But it’s time to get serious. This isn’t the gym; this is ballet class.  And when we go across the floor, sometimes you’re going have to lead.  And unfortunately for you, Left Leg, it has to be an even split (Side note to my Groin:  Don’t freak out!  No splits for us yet!).  Half the time, Left Leg has to be out front.  So I’m going to need you to focus.

I know it’s hard.  But I promise you’ll get some extra stretching out of the deal.  Maybe even a heating pad.  We don’t even have to tell Right Leg.


A (Hopefully) Balanced Ballerina